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  January 18, 2002

Voltes V - A Paper Study
John 'Voltes V God' Parras

his how it all started... A friend of mine sent me an email attachment in 1999 regarding the full story of Voltes V. As you guys may know, the last 4-5 episodes of VOLTES V were not shown in the Philippines because a dictator in power back then banned all Super Robot shows. Voltes V's story has a similar plot to what was happening in the Philippines...an oppressed people driven to rebel and fight a dictatorship.

This email from my friend resurrected my dormant, almost forgotten love for Voltes V. I scourerd the internet and ebay for all things Voltes V. Lo and behold Voltes V was alive and being reshown in the Philippines in its entirety!

I bought my first Voltes V Godaikin from a guy in Chicago, loose but almost complete accessories. My intention was to just collect Voltes V items.

The Godaikin Voltes V failed to satisfy me 'Voltes-lust' primarily regarding the docking or 'Volt-in' procedures and attachment points. For instance, in the anime the Panzer's cockpit goes inside or receeds when the Frigate (legs) 'Volts-in'. In the Godaikin version, the Panzer's cockpit is lifted....which I thought was sacrilege.

So, in August of 2000, my work ( I am a Flight Attendant for United) had me working all nighter trips. On my days off, I find I can't sleep at night, thus began the saga of my paper Voltes V....my mission to accurately show to my self the way Voltes V should be built!

I made the paper Voltes V at night from 8pm to 6am, a full 10 hours each night,non stop. Every month I have 12 days off so that is about 120 hours in total to build the now infamous 'Paper Voltes V'. The one shown at Geocities was actually the first run, I have improved the same Figure quite a bit since...

  • CREWZER rests better on the shoulders...it is more aesthetically pleasing...nonetheless accurate I guess. Alos an opening cockpit with a pilot Kenichi Gou/Steve Armstrong
  • BOMBER opening cockpit with Ippei minnei/Mark Gordon also made a sword
  • PANZER With the recessed cockpit and the pilot 'Big Bert'.
  • FRIGATE with cockpit and Little John
  • LANDER I have also made some accssories to the Figure like lander drills from the Lander (feet).


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