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  February 03, 2002

have all but packed up my 1/6th scale figure collection, abandoning them for shiny enameled die-casts and vinyl monster treasures, but every once in a while there is still something irresistible that catches my eye.

In eager anticipation of the new 1/6th scale Jin-roh figure from Medicom, I dug out a box of old figures, brought it down and went through them until I came upon a couple of Kerberos Panzer Cops. These are the pre-cursors to Jin-roh, if you will. These arenít technically the Medicoms, they are the vinyl kits the Medicoms were based on, built up on Dragon Modelís base body. At one point I did own one of the Ďofficialí Medicom Kerberos Panzer Cops, the ĎStray Dogsí movie version, but I ended up parting with it during a frenzy of Gaiking induced Popy passion.

I ended up getting both of the kits on ebay each for a mere fraction of what the Medicoms will cost you. The 'Movie version' was put out several years ago by Max Factory while the 'Manga version' was put out by Kaiyodo. With a bit of elbow grease the aid of a blow dryer, some super glue and a couple of Dragon Modelís heavy machine guns, presto!, instant soldiers of doom. I think they turned out incredibly well, but I will let you judge for yourself.

I am currently waiting, rather impatiently, for the Medicom Mail Order Exclusive Jin-roh figure. Hopefully it will be less of a project than his predecessors. These figures arenít exactly toys, but man do they have a presence. The character design is incredible and they loom ominously over the rest of the collection ready to match any GI Joe blow for blow.


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