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  April 6, 2002

ands down, my absolute favorite Super Robot is Goshogun. When I was about seven my best friend got the Combat Action Z Gokin. That thing was like the Holy Grail! We're not talking about Sun Vulcan or some bells and whistles Diaclone toy. Goshogun had style. I don't know if it was the unique peacock wings or the dominating shogun armor look, but somehow Goshogun put all other robots to shame in my seven-year-old mind.

Years later when I started collecting again, I saw an ST Goshogun for sale at a toy show. All of a sudden those memories of the great Goshogun came rushing back. I decided right then that I would just have to acquire all the Goshogun pieces, no matter what it took. Now, this was before the beloved Takatoku Toys A to Z Gokin data files were around, so all I really had to go on was an old Takatoku mini catalog. Of course the piece I wanted the most was the Combat Action that I so fondly remembered from childhood. It just so happened that it was the most rare and hardest to find out of all the Goshogun pieces. Well, my quest ended just recently with the arrival of the elusive Combat Action. Here is my take on this awesome line of toys. Check it out.


This is the spaceship base that Goshogun and his crew live on. It has a decent amount of die-cast and does transform. As for what it transforms into, it beats the hell out of me. It has one cool gimmick. You can shoot a mini Goshogun out of the front and watch him fly through the air!

Goshogun ST

This is one of the sweetest Takatoku ST Z Gokins. It has some serious die-cast in it. Along with the typical shooting fists, you can pop out his chest logo and use it as a missile launcher for his peacock wings. Now that is cool!

Pla-Deluxe Goshogun

The Pla-Deluxe is exactly that. PLASTIC. This is a great representation of the character. There is no question that the Pla-DX has the best face sculpt out of all the toys. It comes with three small-chromed versions of King Arrow, Queen Rose, and Jack Knight. These three ships combine to form Tri-Three (the smaller robot in the series). There is also a small chrome version of Tri-Three that you can insert into Goshogun's chest.

Combat Action Goshogun

This thing just kicks ass. It is about 9" of die-cast. The proportions of the robot look just right, while some of the other toys miss. With firing fists and some punishing foot missiles, you definitely get your projectile fix. It also transforms into some type of weird spaceship/car thing, and it does it amazingly. The engineering of this toy is superb. What really gets me about Takatoku's mid-size die-casts (Combat Action, Battle Action, Super Action etc.), is that the toys transform into something that they don't in the anime. I'm not sure about the Daikengo, but I have the Baxinger, X-Bomber, Sankan OH, Daikyozin, Bryger, and Goshogun and each one of them transform into bizarre bases, ships, tanks or cars.

Goshogun Sengoku Gasshin

This is the DX version. The toy measures in at about 14" and is huge when the wings are attached. It has firing foot, waist, and fist projectiles and tons of cool accessories including a missile-firing gun. One very cool gimmick is when you press the button on its waist the wings on the back bloom. The three ships King Arrow, Queen Rose, and Jack Knight are also there. They transform into the smaller robot Tri-Three. Just like in the anime, Goshogun's legs and chest open up to host the three vehicles. This is by far one of the best DX Gattai toys ever made.


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