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  July 31, 2002

he first time I saw a report on the rumble regarding Eric Chan's creation, I thought: well, that's interesting... but it just reminded me too much of the Chinese "wired" puzzle that can transform an egg into a flower by flipping the connecting wires. Maybe someday, but not right now...

The second time I saw another report on the rumble regarding Eric's creation, I was in awe by the precision of his Gombesu figure... and I was hooked. Like a pervert hooked on porn, I started to have this urge to have something unique, something personal and special.

I immediately sent an email to Eric, explaining who I am, where I got the news from him, and asked about how to commission something from him. First contact was made, but the decision on what I want, and what he wanted to create, was a bit more complicated. I did some soul searching and I narrowed my choices down to 3 different things.

"I don't think I'd like to make the car as machines demand extra precision and effort to make the parts fix and look tidy." Ok, so Mach 5 was out of the question. Since there are still a fair amount of Astro Boy out there from Unifive, I opted to have something unique and a little bit obscure; I want a Baltan figure in correct proportion.

I was surprised that only 2 nights after sending him the first email, he has already replied with a mug shot of the head completed. Complimenting his speed and prompt response, we also nailed down more or less on the color scheme.

It wasn't smooth sailing all the way though. Somewhere along the line the communication was broken (ironic because I am working for a formerly major telecom company in Canada... :-) ). After a couple of weeks without getting any update from him, I got worried and asked whether I should send him some money first... and he told me he never got my feedback on some changes on the head and figured I chickened out... Oh well...

All was not lost though. After almost 2 months of hard work, Baltan was finished last week. Although I still have to wait for it in the mail... I am happy to say that I am very impressed by its size and the color scheme of it... I am sure it will be a fine addition to my collection.

After re-establishing the communication, we started to corresponse again, and talked about things from toy collections, job market to which of the Sailor Scouts look prettiest (ok, I made the last one up). And I am happy to say that I have made a new pen pal. And as I promised Eric, I am here to advertise what he can do. I am sure countless of you have already read the previous posts on rumble about Eric, but I am telling you, if you want to get a one of a kind, unique toy, figuree, or whatever from the incredible world of anime, fire him an email at griffith_76@hotmail.com. I understand not everybody would agree, but for me, I am getting something unique, and I am happy about that. Remember, they are hand made, painsticking little by little by him, so there will not be any other that is exactly the same as the one you got...

Interestingly, after Eric completed my Baltan and showed it to one of his friends, he is now being commissioned to create an Ultraman... well, maybe Ultraman and Baltan will meet one day... :-)

As for Eric, he just graduated and is job searching right now... maybe it's the best time to contact him if you have something in mind


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