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  June 14, 2002

Schneider 01 Mecha Feline Fury!!
KZ-01 | KZ-01A Schneider Unit | KZ-01B | KZ-01C
Drifand & Tim Brisko

Schneider 02
Schneider 03
Schneider 04

After the thrill of discovering the original Liger Zero, I was more than ready to snap up the first set of armor that I came across. Luckily a local dealer had a limited number of the Schneider Unit sets available...

What can I say? The Schneider Unit is probably the most flamboyant design of the four Ligers, what with it's almost flourescent color scheme and the abundance of flip-out attack blades, If there's one word to describe its demeanor, it would have to be "bristling" :)

From examining the tech-specs on the box, it seems that the Schneider Unit is a close-in attacker, mainly relying on its awesome array of shield generators around its head and the "Rising Laser Blades" to cut down any opponent that dares cross its path.

Little touches like the the geared swivel fins on the tail recon unit and the detailing of the numerous intake grills round off this slasher kitty kat. And I'm sure, it'll be more than a match for Mecha Barney too!


Schneider Unit vs Bersek Fuhrer

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